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If the City of Newberg annexes into the Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R) District, the District will
have the authority to collect a new $2.08/$1,000 property tax. This would result in a tax of $416/year
on a $200,000 house.
The City would NOT lose the authority to continue to collect $4.38/$1,000. If it chooses to collect the
full amount, this would result in an increase of over 45% for City + Fire/EMS property taxes.
The City has been paying $1.88/$1,000 to TVF%R during a two-year contract. The City would no longer
have this expense after annexation.
The choice of how much of the $4.38/$1,000 to collect would be made by the City Council each year as
part of the budget process. It could choose to not levy any of the $1.88/$1,000 one year and all of it the