Who are we?

This effort has been organized by numerous people.

Robert Soppe (rs@NewbergTaxes.org) served on the Newberg Budget Committee for about 8 years before serving on the City Council from 2002-2007.

Lon Wall (Lon@NewbergTaxes.org) served on the Newberg Planning Commission and is presently serving on the Budget Committee.

Both have been active in Newberg politics outside of the official roles that they have held.

Tim O’Leary (Tim@NewbergTaxes.org) has a degree in Accounting and manages the financial and regulatory parts of the project.

Camille Soppe-Navetta (camille@NewbergTaxes.org) has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in Political Science and Pre-law.

Ivan Soppe-Navetta (ivan@NewbergTaxes.org) has advised on the project and is the webmaster.