Important Links

These are links to some relevant documents about this issue:

March 7, 2016 City Council meeting where the TVF&R contract was initiated (pages 76-123): TVFR Contract

Meeting minutes March 7, 2016 (starts on page 5): Minutes


Links to the March 27, 2017 City Council Study Session with TVF&R presentation: Council Study Session


Newberg Finance Director’s handout about the cost of Fire services in Newberg: Finance Director Handout  (Note that the $1.90 has changed to $1.88)


Newberg Q&A on the annexation: Newberg Q&A

2017 Newberg Community Research survey results: survey

West Linn Annexation Documents:
TVF&R IGA (InterGovernmental Agreement), includes terms for transfer of assets
Resolution 04-07 Certifying the annexation election results


YouTube videos:

June 6, 2017 City Club presentation: City Club

June 15, 2017 TVF&R Town Hall 2: Town Hall 2

June 20, 2017 City Council meeting (Council decides to move forward with annexation): Council